UPDATE: Shirts now available online at this link: Nirvana Santa Fe Shirts

This Thursday, June 27th, is the 35th anniversary of Nirvana’s only time playing live in Santa Fe. Booked by Brian Curley (of 27 Devils Joking), the show featured Brian’s band and Monkeyshines (another local band). It took place at a short-lived venue called the “Rockin’ T.P.” located at 4300 Cerrillos Road (it is now a Kelly’s Liquors). These were the early days of the band– before fame and infamy– even before Dave Grohl (Chad Channing was still the drummer). There’s actually a grainy video on Youtube of the event you can still see! Right here: Nirvana in Santa Fe.

To celebrate this auspicious anniversary, and our sixth anniversary as a record store in Santa Fe, we teamed up with Brian Curley to turn his original screen-printed poster for the show into a t-shirt! There’s lots of great details in the poster– from the faces of the 3 members of Nirvana to the map at the bottom showing the venue location (with the “Villa Linda Mall” as a reference point!)

And the shirts are available now at the shop in sizes from XS to 3XL. Come grab one!

Brian with the shirt!