About Us

We are a record store located at 131B W. Water Street in Downtown Santa Fe, just 2 blocks from the historic Santa Fe Plaza. We’re catacorner across the street from Collected Works Books, around the corner from the Matador (bar) and one block down from Cafe Pasqual’s.

There is metered on-street parking available on Water Street, as well as a large municipal parking garage one block west of us and a municipal parking lot one block east. Note that the parking meters are turned off on Sunday and holidays and every other day after 6PM.

If you’re coming to sell records to us, there is a double-length loading zone directly in front of the shop door. Pull into the loading zone and inform us you’re there; we’ll unload you and give you a $1 for parking. Don’t park in the loading zone without flashers on.

We offer “LOCALS ONLY” cards for local customers providing a discount of $1 off a purchase of $20 or more to “pay” for your half an hour of downtown parking.

We specialize in new and used vinyl records but also sell used electronics and record cleaning supplies.

Lost Padre was founded in 2018 by George, a longtime record collector and DJ originally from the East Coast.

George is a longtime record collector who turned his hobby into a business, selling at record fairs and online before opening a retail store in May 2018.

(as of January 2022)

Mon: 11-5
Tues: 11-5
Wed: 11-5
Thu: 11-6:30
Fri: 11-5
Sat: 10-4
Sun: 11-4

Got something to sell? Call us at 1-505-310-6389.

(Note: We regularly visit Colorado, Arizona, Texas and Oklahoma and I’m willing to travel anywhere for the right records!)

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