It’s hard to believe in some ways that it’s been four years since I opened the shop here in Santa Fe. A lot of things lead me here, but let me take you on one particular little journey that runs right through next Friday’s CALEXICO show at the Railyard.

Like a lot of people, I first heard Calexico in the 90’s in college– it was super fresh to me at the time– mariachi horns, flamenco guitar bits and Serge Gainsbourg references. I was especially all over it when I made my first adult trip to Tucson, where the band is from, around ’98. I fell in love with the Sonoran desert landscape– and the band was the perfect soundtrack to a Thanksgiving sojourn that included stops in Bisbee and Tombstone. (When I graduated college in 2001, I changed my “home address” listed on the program to Tombstone, AZ — my little fantasy of being from somewhere as cool as that desert).

In 2004, I found myself living alone in Lisbon, Portugal. I had moved there not really knowing anyone, was basically broke and living the wandering English teacher’s lifestyle into the ground. I saw a flyer for a show– Calexico! I remembered them from college of course. At the time, I spent a lot of time skulking around the hills of the old city listening to my headphones. One of the albums I listened to over and over again was Love’s Forever Changes, a favorite to this day. When I got to the show– I still knew noone. But the band came on and it was very cool to see them for the first time, so far away from home…

During the show that night they pulled out a cover– Alone Again Or — from that Love album I had been listening to nonstop (for years at this point!). It seemed like a sign– even if you’re not too wu wu, you know what I mean. Just after that I noticed a guy in the crowd with a jacket on that said VINIL EXPERIENCE ( @vinilexperience ) on the back. I tapped on his shoulder and met this guy named JOTA, who ran a record store in Lisbon. I soon started hanging out at his store– not buying much as I was still broke– but meeting a lot of people, especially local rockers.

This quickly lead to me moving across the river to an industrial town called Barreiro and starting to DJ. I made some of the best friends I’ve ever had there, and the DJing, and that record store, set me on a new path.

It took another 14 years through various travails, but now I am that record store guy. And next Friday, my little record store gets to put on CALEXICO at the Railyard here in Santa Fe (in a neighboring desert). It feels… circular. But in a good way 🙂

THANK YOU again for another wonderful year here and supporting us all the way to our third (and I hope final) location here on Water Street.

I hope to see a lot of friendly faces Friday– and you never know, you might meet someone who will change the course of your life…!

PS) The party doesn’t stop Friday— the following day is RECORD STORE DAY 2 at the shop. We open at 9AM sharp with DJs, limited edition releases and 10% off vintage vinyl!