Very excited to see everyone. Just a reminder on some rules for Saturday’s RSD Drop 1.

Customers must wear masks– that’s a mask, not a face shield– you’re welcome to wear a face shield IN ADDITION to a mask, no customers without masks will be admitted. Please try to maintain 6 feet of distance from other customers outside or inside the shop. We will provide hand sanitizer (there’s a dispenser at the front door inside) and you are welcome to wear gloves if you prefer (gloves are not required and we do not provide them).

In order to reduce crowding on the Record Store Day “Drop” date of August 29th, we are limiting the number of customers in the store to 3 at one time.

We open at 9AM. If you arrive before 9AM, please form/join a socially distanced line outside the shop. At 9AM, we will open the doors admitting 2 customers who reserved time slots and one walk-up customer.

There will also be three 20 minute shopping slots each hour from 9AM to 1PM held open for walk-up customers. These will be available on a first come, first served basis but walk-up customers MUST come to the front of the shop to leave their telephone numbers with us. When the next walk-up slot is available, we will CALL that number and the walk-up customer will have 5 minutes to claim their spot, or we will move to the next person on the walk-up list. In addition, if a customer with a reserved timed entry slot doesn’t arrive by 5 minutes after the slot begins, walk-up customers will be able to take their slot and the customer with the reserved time will lose their reservation.

At 1PM, the shop will go back to normal and we will have a first come, first served basis. We will maintain a check-out station at the front door in case the shop is full and walk-up customers have requests (we will be able to fetch them without customers entering).

Call us at 505-310-6389 or contact us here: contact Lost Padre. Please note that if the shop is busy, we may not answer.