We Book Shows!

Lost Padre also books live music in Santa Fe. We book events both live in the shop (“instores”) as well as at venues around town.

We book a pretty wide range of genres including indie, garage punk, experimental, singer/songwriter, rock’n’roll, Norteño and country.

Since launching the shop in 2018, we’ve worked with the following artists from out of town: Karl Blau, Earl ‘Poole’ Ball, Sick Thoughts, Larry Yes, Will Courtney, Melissa Gail Klein and Art of Flying among others.

Some local New Mexico & Santa Fe artists we’ve worked with include: Lone Piñon, Greg Butera, Carlos Medina, Ry Warner, Sweet Nothin, Monkeyshines, Steve Terrell, Gregg Turner, Dylan Blanchard, Cecilia Ann Burton, Luke Carr, Will Schreitz, John Francis, Melas Leukosand Mike Young among others.

If you’re interested in setting up a show with us, contact us at the address below with as much info as possible including dates, links to media and anything else helpful. We try to set up shows 1-2 times per month and try to book as far out as possible, although generally 6 weeks out is the minimum lead time we need.

Contact: lost padre records (all one word) at gmail

Instagram: @lostpadrerecords

Facebook: Lost Padre Records